Vehicle Recycling

J & S Metals has a vehicle recucling facility based on our site in Belton, Doncaster. Here we can dispose of all end of life vehicles responsbily regardless ofthe condition. If you are looking to scrap your car look no further!

All vehicles are disposed of and processed on site at our depollution area. We are fully licenced and operate alongside all current legislation.

We will always ensure:
1. All registered keepers of vehicles brought to us will be given the correct certificates of destruction as per the DVLA regulations.
2. Ensure our waste permits are up to date and current.
3. Keep copies of all ID documents of persons who recycle their vehicles with us alongside the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

provides a vehicle recycling facility for all car owners to dispose of their unwanted vehicles in whatever condition it may be in.

All vehicles are disposed of and processed on-site at our vehicle de-pollution area. We operate alongside waste regulations (End Of Life Vehicles 2006). This authorises us to collect all End Of Life Vehicles within the local authority areas of Birmingham.

As an ELV treatment facility we will ensure:
1. Issue the car owner with a certificate of destruction.
2. Ensure our facility is operated with appropriate waste licences.
3. Keep all records of ELV’s and customers details to comply with scrap metal recycling legislation.